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Soysambu Project is Africa’s first citizen science organization dedicated to the conservation of Nubian giraffe. Currently, there are more than 170 threatened giraffes present in the Conservancy. The number accounts for 5t% of the total number of these sub-species giraffes in the world today. Our organization cooperates with partner organizations to help monitor this sub-species of the giraffe while preserving other threatened mammals like the lions.

According to IUCN the Nubian Giraffe has had very little research that has contributed to its conservation in the wild. With numbers now on the increase according to the 2019 assessment, now is the time to act and safeguard these sub-species through further research and extra allocated resources. The giraffe population currently stands at 100,000 and the total species population stands at 3000.

This program focuses on interdisciplinary scientific research. This enables us to identify and implement a sustainable solution to emerging conservation challenges. Soysambu Conservancy is home to a population of 170 Nubian giraffes the second Largest Population after Ruma National Park.

The available literature is predominantly focused on giraffes as a general species as opposed to the ecology of each sub-species. Therefore there is a need for further knowledge on the subspecies of Nubian Giraffe in terms of its ecology so that best practice techniques can be deployed in areas where they exist.

Students, volunteers, and interns will work locating and observing the giraffes as often as needed over the course of 3 years. This team led by a Kenyan staff can monitor the health of the individuals at the conservancy and also answer questions relating to the ecology of the species through observations.
Other species of interest:
Lion and carnivores.
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Volunteers are the center of our work, helping us in the field, at base, as well as supporting the project financially, making our vital work possible. We provide a free service to the conservancy, which contributes valuable information on the key species. By joining this project, you will learn new skills and make amazing memories whilst living a truly African experience!

Wildlife in the world can only be protected by the love of compassionate hearts in the world!
― Mehmet Murat ildan