Outreach & Education
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School Program
Giraffe Ambassadors is a non-profit organization located in Soysambu Conservancy with an aim of conserving Kenya’s bio-diversity through practical conservation programs.While working to conserve critical wildlife habitat, we provide flexible programs to students which are engaging, educative and fun and can be carried out in a wide variety of settings, over a period of time to suite the learners’ schedule
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Illegal poaching of bush meat is one of the major contributors to biodiversity loss and species extinction in Africa and has been a major challenge in wildlife conservation. The driving force has been the need for a cheap source of protein and hence trade in wild meat. The conservancy borders human settlement hence poaching can be an attractive method for some to attain game meat. Warthogs, buffalos, antelopes, and zebras are the main species targeted but these snares indiscriminately target all species of wildlife.
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Eco-Stove Installation
In Kenya, over 85% of household energy is derived from biomass (firewood and charcoal). Most of it is used for cooking, at times in combination with other types of energy. Charcoal is the predominant source of energy used in urban settings, while firewood is more common in rural areas. The consumption sometimes doesn’t add to the rate of reforestation hence this can have a negative impact on the environment. This can lead to illegal incursions into the conservancy for this commodity which is a necessity in most households. The recent years increase in the population in the settlement has dramatically accelerated the pace of deforestation around the conservancy, women are required to walk further to collect firewood for cooking. We are working with our partner Acacia for Giraffes to install eco- stoves, which reduces the consumption of firewood by approximately 40%.
Education & Awareness
The target group for this program will be community members, high school and primary school students. The main goal is to ensure the information on wildlife and environmental conservation is imparted to the community members and the next generation of leaders who are the students. The project will be rolled over in the neighboring community and schools around Soysambu Conservancy.
The program will expand to other areas with an expansion of three schools more each year. This is an important area in trying to garner the support of the community members and minimize the intrusion into the conservancy for illegal activities and also create a positive attitude toward nature and wildlife conservation. Conservation videos/films and posters on Key species and habitat conservation (Wetland, Giraffe, Lions and Birds) on importance of wildlife (direct and indirect benefits).
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Tree Planting
Environmental conservation and restoration are eminent in the areas neighboring the conservancy with special emphasis on the Lake Elementeita basin which has undergone un-sustainable harvesting of trees. This will contribute to resilience and mitigation of climate changes which of the biggest challenges in sustainable development.
Invasive Removal
Soysambu Conservancy among other conservation areas in the Central Rift Valley experiences high levels of invasive plants. A wide range of species can be found often outcompeting indigenous plants. With much of the land use taken up by agriculture and towns, it is very important to keep the wild areas free from these aliens and allow for natural systems to flourish. Invasive plants have the potential to cause disturbance to the ecosystem and are also a major problem for conservation.
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Wildlife in the world can only be protected by the love of compassionate hearts in the world!
― Mehmet Murat ildan